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Evolution of a new comic book character

Here are some amazing sketches done by Jose Holder, the artist for my book Fallen.  Fallen is a vigilante-type, no powers but completely dedicated to his perception of justice.  Like Batman but without the gadgets or Punisher but without the penchant to shoot everyone he meets.  His life changed after a violent childhood incident at a carnival so you see some carnival elements worked into his costume.  But anyone curious to see the progression from initial concepts (black and blue lined) to experiments and refining (sepia) to final sketches (colored logo) can see these three pieces done by Jose.

I’ll be showing some more pieces as work continues and you’ll learn more about Fallen over the next few months.  

Hope you like these.  As a comic writer, nothing is more incredibly then seeing something in your head come to life on the page—first as a full story and then as the visuals start to form.  These sketches are so bacon.

The facial hair in the first round was intriguing—ultimately it didn’t work for the story so we went with clean shaven.  The look in the bottom left of the sepia page still haunts me—that’s Fallen as he was in my head for months before Jose pulled him out and put him in a drawing.  The stylized logo and outfit that emerged in the final sketches are perfect.  This is why I love a collaboration like a comic book—I could have never come up with the logo/outfit but they are utterly perfect for the character and story.  You’ll find out why later!


"Of all people you know who I am. Who the world needs me to be, I’m Wonder Woman."

Wonder Woman in her different media representations,

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HAPPY CANADA DAY! For Canada Day, read this short Superhero Girl comic I made last year for the True Patriot anthology! It was based on a true experience I had when someone asked me “what makes Superhero Girl a Canadian superhero?” and I was like uhhhhh?

The League of Villainous Canadian Stereotypes was my boyfriend Tim’s idea. He is a great idea man! 

Enjoy my Canadian comic and have a great Canada Day! I am celebrating by working a lot. ;)

I love Superhero Girl by faitherinhicks



no actual spoilers probably don’t worry